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    5: ECHO

    Nicole Beutler

    5: ECHO is Nicole Beutler’s dialogue with dance history in which the past, present and future all blend into each other. The first part of 5: EC...


      Guilherme Botelho, Alias

      Twelve naked people are lying on the floor. Suddenly, a muscle twitches in one of the bodies. Then, another one, in another body. And another. Life be...

        Beside the Scenes: The 20th Century


        Beside the Scenes: The 20th Century is a time machine, a theatre show and a movie all in one. The German multi-media artists Hofmann&Lindholm have...

          Complexity of Belonging

          Anouk van Dijk, Falk Richter, Chunky Move

          Complexity of Belonging is a show for those who love dance and those who love the theatre. Seamlessly blending text and dance, it follows the lives of...

            CPR Practice

            Geumhyung Jeong

            CPR stands for ‘cardiopulmonary resuscitation’, or, resuscitation through heart massage and mouth-to-mouth. In CPR Practice, Geumhyung Jeo...

              Human use of human beings

              Romeo Castellucci, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

              Romeo Castellucci is one of the most influential theatre maker in Europe today. Human use of human beings is a rare opportunity to see Castellucci&rsq...


                Benjamin Vandewalle

                Who would you walk straight past, as you stroll around town? And who would make you turn your head? The young Flemish choreographer Benjamin Vandewall...

                  Ode To The Attempt (solo for meself)

                  Jan Martens

                  “Perfection is boring”, says Jan Martens. Which is why he has made an Ode To The Attempt. The solo is a sanctuary for Martens to thoroughl...

                    Of ivory and flesh – statues also suffer

                    Marlene Monteiro Freitas

                    Of ivory and flesh – statues also suffer is a grotesque ball with petrified figures, who are constantly moving as the music whips them up. Marle...

                      Sculpting Fear

                      Julian Hetzel

                      These days, there’s an app for everything: for the weather, for finding love, for finding the way home. No need for anyone to get lost, be alone...

                        Stad der Blinden

                        THEATER UTRECHT

                        Please note: Blindness can be seen in Utrecht until 6 June. Buy your tickets here. Blindness by Theater Utrecht (previously: De Utrechtse Spelen) is a...

                          Stamping Project

                          Joris van Oosterwijk

                            Wanna Play? (love in times of Grindr)

                            Dries Verhoeven

                            For his installation Wanna Play? (love in times of Grindr), Dries Verhoeven will be staying inside a glass house on Neude square for ten days. From th...


                              Amanda Piña, Daniel Zimmermann, nadaproductions

                              Dancing tribes in traditional attire and painted faces, with angry-looking men and half naked women. Here in the West we all know these ’traditi...

                                We don’t speak to be understood

                                Pieter Ampe, Benjamin Vandewalle

                                Pieter Ampe and Benjamin Verdonck are two of the most unconventional Flemish theatre makers. Both use a raw and highly physical visual vocabulary, and...

                                  You’re Not Alone

                                  Kim Noble

                                  A comedian on the bill at SPRING, that’s a first! With his mix between performance, comedy and film the award winning and BAFTA (‘the Brit...

                                  Motion on Motion off