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Your privacy is important to us.

Privacy policy

The non-profit organisation SPRING processes personal data from the users of our services. We meet the demands from the European privacy reculation (AVG/GDPR), which are highly valued within the SPRING organization. We realize you put your trust in us, and thus, we see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page, we inform you which data we collect as you use our website, why we collect this data and how we improve your users experience with it. This way, we hope to show you exactly how we work.

The code of conduct from SPRING

The people that work for and with us (suppliers) know our code of conduct and keep themselfs to the following rules:

  • We respect the data privacy from al our contacts
  • We take excellent care of the data entrusted to us.
  • We make sure that no unqualified individuals can get to the data entrusted to us .
  • We don’t gather more data than needed for the services and products that we deliver.
  • We preserve the data not longer than needed or than is required.
  • We put the same duty of care on the entrusted data all our suppliers or customers receive from us.
  • We are open about the data that we store from a visitor/user.
  • We do not sell convertible data to whatever party unless we explicitly have asked and have been given permission.


When you use one of the services we ask you for your personal information, such as names, addresses, place of residency, e-mailadres, billing number, telephone number, and information concerning your purchase. This will be used to execute our services.

Goals for the processing

Non-profit organisation SPRING uses through this website provided personal information for the following purposes.

  • The execution of all transactions that go through the website;
  • The sending of servicemails concerning your transaction;
  • Guaranteeing our service with regard to ticket sales (e.g. in case of last minute cancellations);
  • The sending of newsletters to opt-in newsletter subscribers;
  • The sending of messages to the person who have registered;
  • For research purposes and gathering of statistics;
  • The execution of one client satisfation research a year, following a transaction earlier in that same year;
  • The sending of one invitiation to selected visitors to become a SPRING donator, following a transaction earlier in that same year.

Besides that, SPRING registers data about the use of the website, such as attendance figures, visited pages and features of the used web browsers among other things. With this data, SPRING can improve and adjust the website to the wishes of the user. Cookies are used to register this data. Read more about our cookie policy under ‘cookies’.

Sharing with others

Stichting SPRING shares your personal information with different third parties, like our ticketing service, if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement and to satisfy the possible legal obligations. We close a processors agreement with companies that process your data in our request to ensure en equal level of security and confidentiality of your data.
This concerns the following parties/authorities:

  • ActiveTickets: processor of our ticketingsystem
  • Buckeroo: processor of the financial handling of online ticketing
  • Mailchimp: For sending e-mails (newsletters, invitations, servicemails)
  • Google: To monitor click behavior of web visitors (with anonymized data)
  • Hendrik Beerda: For the annual customer satisfation research
  • Utrecht Marketing: postal code and house number in to generate and collect statistical data (e.g. segmentation based on the Culturele Doelgroepenmodel) on our audience. The results of different research efforts cannot be traced back to natural persons. Anonymous data can be used for reporting to our subsidy providers, and for example as input for our programming and marketing policies. More extensive information on the Culturele Doelgroepenmodel can be found here and more details regarding data processing can be found in the privacy statement of Utrecht Marketing.

Sometimes we take care of ticket sales for companies outside the festival period. In that case, the personal data will be shared with the company in question.

How long do we save your data

Personal information can’t be saved longer than necessary. This depends on the purpose for what we have gotten the data and the legal obligations than are connected with this.


SPRING takes the protection of your data very seriously. Your information will be saved in a datacenter with security. Online payments will happen through reputable ticketingparties in secured, encrypted processes. The exchange of account information will also be secured with SSL-encryption.

Alter and/or delete data

You have the right to ask us to give you an insight in your personal information and/or to improve, add, detele or isolate this. Changes in your name, e-mail address or preferences with relation to the ticketing sales can be changed in your personal account on the website. Changes in your preferences concerning the newsletter can be done through the link at the bottom of every newsletter, giving you the possibility to change your data or to unsubscribe. If you want all your data in our database to be deleted, please send us and e-mail at

Buying tickets anonymously

Should you, despite our careful handling of your data, not want to have your data in uor database, we offer you the possibility to buy tickets anonymously at the SPRING website with ‘Login without an account’. In case you choose for this option we may inform you on changes, cancellations or calamities concerning your visit, but when the performance for which you bought tickets has taken place, your data will be automatically removed from our system.

Image- and sound recordings during the festival

SPRING or a mediapartner can make image- and/or soundrecordings during the festival. SPRING can use these recordings for the website to promote the event through social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. It might also be used on varying media chanels of our media partners, including radio and/or television. The data will not be used for different purposes than the ones described above. Beforehand, we attempt to ask as much permission as possible from the people who are being filmed and photographed. Should we have published a photo of you that you want to be removed, please contact SPRING at

Changes in the privacy policy

It is possible that our privacy policy might change in the future. The most current version of our privacy policy can always be found here. Radical changes will be communicated in a clear and visible way per email. [Last modified: March 23rd 2022]


Should you have questions, comments or complaints about the use of your personal information, please contact us on

Cookie policy

By using the website of SPRING there will be information about your use of this website gathered by us and/or by third parties, for example through cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a little text file that will be saved through the browser of a computer or mobile. By a new visit to the website the file will be read and this information will then be used to recognize the user. SPRING uses cookies for saving personal settings so you do not have to enter them again and also for the analysis of data to improve our website. Cookies contain no personal information and are for this reason not retraceble to an individual person.

What cookies do we use?

On this website the cookies are used for functional purposes as well as tracking.

Functional cookies

These cookies make sure that the website functions properly. Without these cookies the website would never remember the content of your shopping cart. With these cookies we also keep track of anonymous website statistics to be able to optimize the website. Because these cookies are strictly necessary, you can’t decline them without influencing the functioning of the website.

Analytical and tracking cookies

This website uses Google Analytics and Facebook. The code of this software stores cookies to collect data that give us as users an insight in the traffic to and on the website amongst other things. With this we do research to how our site is used to be able to improve the users experience. We never use this data to retrace individual people.

Marketing cookies

These cookies monitor the surfing behavior of the visitor and follows the visitors after their visit to the website to show relevant advertisements from SPRING on the website of third parties. With these cookies, we hope to inform the visitor about SPRING. The collected information is not retraceble to a specific person.

Functional cookies of thirds

Sometimes on this website there will be cookies of other parties, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Information will usually only be gathered at the moment that you press the relevant button like the play button of a video. Which information will be gathered depends on the third party, SPRING does not influence that. For more information on these cookies, we recommend you to look into the privacy policies of these other parties.

Managing cookies

At your first visit to the website we informed you about the use of these cookies and asked for your permission for placing them. You can change your settings here. If you deside that you do want to block the cookies, you can do that in the by you chosen internet browser. Beware: cookies will be used for every computer that you work on. If you use multible computers, you must repeat this process at each computer. If you deactivate the functional cookies it will not be possible to buy tickets online.

Changes in the cookie policy

It is possible that our cookie policy might change in the future. The most current version of our cookie policy can always be found here. Radical changes will be communicated in a clear and visible way on this page. [Last modified: November 26th 2018]


The information on this website is put together with a lot of care. Although SPRING tries to keep this information as current, complete and accurate as possible, no rights can be derived from this website. It is not permitted to copy and/or change the content on this website .

SPRING does not accept any liability for the content, the functioning or the existence of websites referred to from our website, nor for the products and/or services that are offered on suchlike sites.

SPRING does not accept liability for any direct or indirect damage in consequence of possible mistakes and shortcomings on this website. Changes can be applied without prior notification. Rates and conditions are subject to change.

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