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About us

SPRING Performing Arts Festival is a ten-day international festival with innovative dance, theatre, performance and more in the city of Utrecht. You will find SPRING in the theatres, at special locations and in public spaces. At the festival you will see over 25 adventurous and urgent performances from both near and far that dare to ask questions about the state of the world. You can be surprised by new artistic forms and inspired by other ways of looking at the world around you. During SPRING, makers and a curious audience meet for exchange, discussion, inspiration and fun.

SPRING 2024 will take place from May 23rd until June 1st.

Mission & Vision


New perspectives help you look at the world differently. This creates chances, possibilities, insights, (new) connections. The performing arts are particularly well suited to create these news perspectives. This is what we boost with SPRING: as leading international platform for the development of contemporary performing arts, with the emphasis on interdisciplinary forms. With the festival and activities throughout the year, we stimulate social reflection, engagement and innovation in the performing arts.

Vision & core values

  • Presents the most interesting innovative artistic strategies in the contemporary interdisciplinary performing arts worldwide
  • Cherishes the artistic freedom of artists to independently look for groundbreaking ways to bring up urgent topics
  • Facilitates the professional and artistic development of artists
  • Gives Dutch makers international visibility as leading international platform
  • Is aware of the complex worldwide social network it is part of
  • Researches how global topics can resonate in the local reality and vice versa
  • Provides a platform for voices and bodies who do not fit the ‘norm’ and are, because of that, often overlooked
  • Gives various voices from artists and audience space to meet in an atmosphere of curiosity, mutual respect and exchange
  • Stimulates (critical) reflection on developments in the arts, the world and society
  • Believes that art can show topics from new perspectives and can challenge to question the status quo
  • Actively participates in (inter)national networks to find more synergistic and sustainable models in the areas of artistic creation, international collaboration and touring


SPRING presents artists who are driven by current societal developments and whose work reflects upon these issues. This calls for a festival organization that is aware of its social responsibility to run a sustainable operation.



SPRING strives to be accessible, for everyone. That is why SPRING also focuses on the accessibility of the festival.




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Talent development and (co)productions

SPRING is not only presenter, but also initiator and (co)producer of new productions that often premiere at the festival. We build long collaborations with innovative, interdisciplinary (inter)national artists to sustainably support them in developing their artistic careers and creating new work.

Our (co)productions

EU Networks

SPRING has always believed strongly in collaboration, and operates in many formal and informal (intern)national networks. SPRING has successfully participated in various important European projects, with which we created opportunities for artists, stimulated reflections on creations and developed input for cultural policies. At the moment SPRING is actively involved in several consortia that build new European projects, in order to serve even better to the different roles of art in our society.

Our European projects

ANBI info

SPRING has an ANBI-status.

SPRING Performing Arts Festival (Stichting Spring)

RSIN: 64 17 711

Ganzenmarkt 14, 3512 GD Utrecht

Goal: SPRING is a leading international platform for new developments in contemporary performing arts (dance, theater and mixed forms) and is active in stimulating the growth and development of young and promising artists, of theater and dance as art forms and of the public.

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