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By using the website of SPRING there will be information about your use of this website gathered by us and/or by third parties, for example through cookies.

Cookie policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a little text file that will be saved through the browser of a computer or mobile. By a new visit to the website the file will be read and this information will then be used to recognize the user. SPRING uses cookies for saving personal settings so you do not have to enter them again and also for the analysis of data to improve our website. Cookies contain no personal information and are for this reason not retraceble to an individual person.

What cookies do we use?

On this website the cookies are used for functional purposes as well as tracking.

Functional cookies

These cookies make sure that the website functions properly. Without these cookies the website would never remember the content of your shopping cart. With these cookies we also keep track of anonymous website statistics to be able to optimize the website. Because these cookies are strictly necessary, you can’t decline them without influencing the functioning of the website.

Analytical and tracking cookies

This website uses Google Analytics and Facebook. The code of this software stores cookies to collect data that give us as users an insight in the traffic to and on the website amongst other things. With this we do research to how our site is used to be able to improve the users experience. We never use this data to retrace individual people.

Marketing cookies

These cookies monitor the surfing behavior of the visitor and follows the visitors after their visit to the website to show relevant advertisements from SPRING on the website of third parties. With these cookies, we hope to inform the visitor about SPRING. The collected information is not retraceble to a specific person.

Functional cookies of thirds

Sometimes on this website there will be cookies of other parties, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Information will usually only be gathered at the moment that you press the relevant button like the play button of a video. Which information will be gathered depends on the third party, SPRING does not influence that. For more information on these cookies, we recommend you to look into the privacy policies of these other parties.

Managing cookies

At your first visit to the website we informed you about the use of these cookies and asked for your permission for placing them. You can change your settings here. If you deside that you do want to block the cookies, you can do that in the by you chosen internet browser. Beware: cookies will be used for every computer that you work on. If you use multible computers, you must repeat this process at each computer. If you deactivate the functional cookies it will not be possible to buy tickets online. You can only buy tickets at the festival register which is only open during the ten days of the festival. Read more about this under ‘Buying tickets anonymously’.

Changes in the cookie policy

It is possible that our cookie policy might change in the future. The most current version of our cookie policy can always be found here. Radical changes will be communicated in a clear and visible way on this page. [Last modified: November 26th 2018]

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