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Grzegorz Reske

Reske (Lublin, 1980) is active in the performing arts as a curator, producer and dramaturg. In the course of his career he has been actively involved in various local and international projects with a focus on the development of independent performing arts.

Between 2013-2017, Grzegorz Reske and Marta Keil were responsible for a new concept for the Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival in Lublin. During the years of their curatorship, the festival was embedded in year-round educational and research activities to support the development of young artists. The festival’s mentoring role and support with the production and internationalisation of their work has made the festival one of the most acclaimed and influential performing arts events in the region.

In addition, Reske collaborated with Kalisz Theatre Meetings (2015-2017) – implementing a new festival model focused on new forms of stage expressions, advised Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw on international projects and was a programme advisor for the East European Performing Arts Platform – an organisation that supports independent performing arts in Central and Eastern Europe

After five years of curating the Konfrontacje Teatralne, Reske continued his collaboration with Marta Keil as curatorial duo ResKeil, creating a range of joint efforts within the cultural field. Since 2018, together with four other artists, Keil and Reske have been running InSzPer – Performing Arts Institute – aiming to support the development of independent arts in Warsaw, and to help structure the international dimensions of its practices. InSzPer activities include the Moving Borders project in partnership with Spring Festival. Since 2017 Reske has been a Board Member of IETM – the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts in Brussels. He now work as artistic director for SPRING.


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