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    Stamping Project

    Joris van Oosterwijk
    SPRING 2015

    Selfies are soooo boring! Have a life-sized print made of yourself in the Stamping Project! It started with an accidentally made print of his hand on a theatre set. Joris van Oosterwijk became fascinated with the wonderful details, the lines and grooves inside a hand. He wondered what would happen if he made a print, in paint, of a whole body. Et voilà, Stamping Project was conceived! In a public, yet intimate setting, Joris carefully creates real-life prints of his participants’ bodies. You can come and watch, or you can be a model and be your own stamp. Bring your own (old) clothes, or wear something from the clothes rack on site, and be captured for posterity in this theatrical ritual.



    Joris van Oosterwijk

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