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    Guilherme Botelho, Alias
    SPRING 2015

    Twelve naked people are lying on the floor. Suddenly, a muscle twitches in one of the bodies. Then, another one, in another body. And another. Life begins… Choreographer Guilherme Botelho is visualizing how humankind has developed, starting from purely physical material and moving onto being a human, social creature, a member of a group. From serene beginnings, as a pile of tendons and joints, muscles and flesh, to an ending with bodies brimming over with energy, strength and life. Antes is a choreographic science-fiction story about the origins of man.

    In 2011 Guilherme Botelho / Alias opened the Springdance festival with their big hit Sideways Rain. Now they are returning to the Netherlands with a new show that is full of beauty. 

     On 30 May Antes can be seen with Beside the Scenes as Double Bill #9 Naked bodies + Unrevealed stories
     On 29 May after the performance at 22.00 there's a Bar Talk at the Hekman foyer.



    Guilherme Botelho



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