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    Ode To The Attempt (solo for meself)

    Jan Martens
    SPRING 2015

    “Perfection is boring”, says Jan Martens. Which is why he has made an Ode To The Attempt. The solo is a sanctuary for Martens to thoroughly indulge himself. Authenticity, manipulation, being ‘cool’, perfectionism, laughter and melancholy; these are the extremes between which the young Flemish choreographer goes back and forth. Ode To The Attempt is a self-portrait in the shape of a collage in which Martens uncovers the way he works and the way he leads his life, and the choices he makes. In other words, a solo with/about/made by/performed by Jan.

    Jan Martens is creating a consistently strong body of work. At last year’s SPRING, his The Dog Days Are Over was one of the uncontested highlights. For this edition we are presenting this solo, and in 2016 we are presenting Martens’ first production for the big stage: The Common People.

     On 29 May Ode To The Attempt can be seen with Beside the Scenes as Double Bill #8 Colourful dance + Shadow film
     Op 29 May there’s a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.



    Jan Martens

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