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    5: ECHO

    Nicole Beutler
    SPRING 2015

    5: ECHO is Nicole Beutler’s dialogue with dance history in which the past, present and future all blend into each other. The first part of 5: ECHO is a performance that draws from the radical choreographies made by Koert Stuyf and Ellen Edinoff, whose work blew the conventions in Dutch dance to smithereens in the 1970s. For the second part, Beutler has reworked Bianca van Dillen’s 1978 choreography Vermiljoen into a mesmerising, minimalist circle dance.

    Nicole Beutler is one of the leading choreographers in the Netherlands. SPRING has entered into a two-year collaboration with Beutler to give her work structural visibility on the big stages. Beutler’s new performance for the big stage will premiere at SPRING 2016.

     On 23 May there’s a preview of 6: THE SQUARE, Nicole Beutlers new performance which will premiere during SPRING 2016.
     On 28 May 5: ECHO can be seen with CPR Practice as Double Bill #7 Touching theatre + Minimalistic dance
     On 28 May after the performance there’s a Bar Talk  at the Hekman foyer.



    Nicole Beutler

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