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    Sculpting Fear

    Julian Hetzel
    SPRING 2015

    These days, there’s an app for everything: for the weather, for finding love, for finding the way home. No need for anyone to get lost, be alone, or get wet. Everything is under control. Everything is in the Cloud. In spite of today’s total transparency, the great unknown remains a mystery. And that is something we fear. We fear the unknown, strangers, the future… Sculpting Fear is a visual performance in which Julian Hetzel tries to find a form to express these fears. And so he literally creates a storm.

    SPRING and Julian Hetzel are in a two-year partnership, with support from the Performing Arts Fund’s Nieuwe Maker Subsidie. As a follow-up to the installation-performance STILL (The Economy of Waiting) in 2014, Hetzel is now making Sculpting Fear as a performance and a series of interventions in public space.

     On 21, 24 and 25 there are interventions in public space. Follow our Facebook or Twitter for venues and times.
     On 23 May Sculpting Fear can be seen with WAR as Double Bill #2 What we do not know + What we think we know
     On 24 May there’s a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.
     On 24 May there’s a afterparty presented bij SPRING & Subbacultcha. As a member you can visit both the performance and the afterparty (till 00.00) for free.



    Julian Hetzel

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