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    Beside the Scenes: The 20th Century

    SPRING 2015

    Beside the Scenes: The 20th Century is a time machine, a theatre show and a movie all in one. The German multi-media artists Hofmann&Lindholm have invented a new genre with this project: the shadow film. Using animation techniques and projections and digging into the depths of the imagination’s underworld, they conjure up shadows from the past inside the theatre. Beside the Scenes: The 20th Century shows historical events from the 20th century, not from the perspective of its established main characters, but via the shadows and contours of people, chairs, and windows. This results in a series of exquisite images and an obscure form of lighting, reminiscent of Sin City rather than of historical drama. It makes us question the way we perceive the world. 

     On 29 May Beside the Scenes can be seen with Ode To The Attempt as Double Bill #8 Colourful dance + Shadow film
     On 30 May Beside the Scenes can be seen with Antes as Double Bill #9 Naked bodies + Unrevealed stories
     On 30 May there is a 10 Minutes, 10 Questions after the performance.




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