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    Wanna Play? (love in times of Grindr)

    Dries Verhoeven
    SPRING 2015

    For his installation Wanna Play? (love in times of Grindr), Dries Verhoeven will be staying inside a glass house on Neude square for ten days. From this house he will be communicating via dating apps such as Grindr, tempting other men to meet his non-sexual needs. Verhoeven’s intention with Wanna Play? (love in times of Grindr) is to start a dialogue on the impact the web and being online 24/7 are having on our fantasies and our ideas about intimacy. And how are popular sex-date apps influencing the visibility of (homo)sexuality in the public arena? In October last year this work, produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, led to considerable discussion in Berlin.

     On 30 may there’s a free symposium all about Dries Verhoeven in the context of SPRING Academy.



    Dries Verhoeven

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