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    Human use of human beings

    Romeo Castellucci, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
    SPRING 2015

    Romeo Castellucci is one of the most influential theatre maker in Europe today. Human use of human beings is a rare opportunity to see Castellucci’s work in the Netherlands. In his work, Castellucci searches meticulously for the essence, the soul of each story. Castelluci himself has said, “Like every art form, [theatre is] a dance with death. And there is nothing sinister or sad about this; on the contrary: it is simply a reflection on human nature.”

    Human use of human beings is an amazingly raw performance that questions whether the world today is worth living in. The show refers to the resurrected Lazarus, with a focus on a fresco by Giotto. But is Lazarus actually ready to return when Jesus calls to him?

     On 22 May Human use of human beings can be seen with Complexity of Belonging as Double Bill #1 Resurrection + Survival
     On 23 May there's a public interview with Romeo Castellucci at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht in the context of SPRING Academy.



    Romeo Castellucci


    Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

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