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SPRING in Autumn 2020

  • World premiere

_APOLOGY:DENIED_ (canceled)


Forgiveness is a great thing: a brain upgrade for more mercy

    “Sorry, But I Feel Slightly Disidentified…”

    Benjamin Kahn

    An immersive solo performance starring the body

      BRASS (cancelled)

      Kris Verdonck

      A concert for three sousaphones and zero musicians

        EXIT (afgelast)

        Kris Verdonck

        Rest in the space between sleep and consciousness

          Haptic Installation (cancelled)

          Hiroaki Umeda

          See dance through closed eyes

          • World premiere

          HONGER (HUNGER) (cancelled)

          Dood Paard

          About hunger in all its aspects

          • World premiere

          I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own

          Genevieve Murphy, Standplaats Utrecht, Nicole Beutler

          A sonic narrative

            IN (cancelled)

            Kris Verdonck

            A near-cyborg as a hybrid between man and machine

              Le Départ (cancelled)

              Zora Snake

              A dream of a new Africa

                Machine Made Silence (book presentation) (cancelled)

                Kristof van Baarle, Kris Verdonck

                The art of Kris Verdonck

                  MASS #2 (cancelled)

                  Kris Verdonck

                  On the insignificance of man and how nature always takes its own course

                    Messages from quarantine (cancelled)

                    Christiane Jatahy e.a., Tim Etchells

                    What do you want to tell the world?

                      my shadow used to have density (cancelled)

                      Francesca Lazzeri

                      One-on-one encounter in times of social distancing

                        Relay (cancelled)

                        Ula Sickle

                        A powerful six-hour statement

                          TANK durational loop (cancelled)

                          Doris Uhlich

                          “disturbing and ingenious” – Westdeutsche Zeitung

                          • World premiere

                          this is for everyone (cancelled)

                          Marc von Henning

                          Video installation in the wonderful hall of the new library

                            Wanaset Yodit (cancelled)

                            Laila Soliman

                            Impressive stories in an intimate setting

                            Motion on Motion off