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  • World premiere

HONGER (HUNGER) (cancelled)

Dood Paard
28 October, 29 October, 30 October, 31 October, 01 November, 02 November, 03 November, 04 November, 05 November, 06 November, 07 November, 08 November, 09 November, 10 November, 11 November, 12 November, 13 November, 14 November, 15 November 2020
De Bibliotheek Neude, Expositieruimte (2e verdieping)
Gratis toegang / Free entrance
SPRING in Autumn 2020

About hunger in all its aspects

We regret to inform you that this installation has been cancelled. 

Last May, Dood Paard was to play HONGER (HUNGER) in a glass greenhouse in Utrecht Overvecht during the SPRING Performing Arts Festival. Unfortunately, the performances had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 measures. Inspired by HONGER, Manja Topper and Julian Maiwald took photos during wanderings through Utrecht and Amsterdam that depict different aspects of hunger. These photos form a special exhibition in the brand new library at the Neude. The exhibition also includes three podcasts made by Dood Paard in response to the performance with new texts by the makers and work by Laurie Anderson and Daniil Charms, among others. The podcasts are made by Kuno Bakker, Manja Topper, Bart Hollanders, Michael Yallop and Mokhallad Rasem.



Dood Paard

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