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    MASS #2 (cancelled)

    Kris Verdonck
    07 November, 08 November, 09 November 2020
    De LiK, Expeditie
    Betaal-wat-je-wil / Pay-as-you-like
    SPRING in Autumn 2020

    On the insignificance of man and how nature always takes its own course

    We regret to inform you that this installation has been cancelled.

    Take note: The installation is free to visit, but you do have to reserve a time slot.

    The installation MASS #2 shows hundreds of thousands of graphite-grey pebbles slowly sliding alongside each other. In two white containers this mass, heavy yet velvety soft, forms moving landscapes. Peaks and valleys, which disappear as soon as they appear in front of the viewers’ eyes, to make way for something new. In this landscape, nature takes its own course. The endless transformation could allude to the very start of creation, or to the very end. MASS #2 demonstrates the power of nature and shows us just how insignificant humans are.



    Kris Verdonck

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