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    BRASS (cancelled)

    Kris Verdonck
    07 November, 08 November, 09 November 2020
    De LiK, Expeditie
    betaal-wat-je-wil / pay-as-you-like
    SPRING in Autumn 2020

    A concert for three sousaphones and zero musicians

    We regret to inform you that this installation has been cancelled

    <p. The rotating movements intermittently cause the tones to come together, to then diverge again. But while this orchestra may be completely devoid of humans, it does have human characteristics. There’s breathing, blowing, rehearsing and warming up.Ghost in the Shell is a set-up for three sousaphones that appear to be playing all by themselves. You hear compositions by Erik Satie, who is sometimes called the composer of revolutionary simplicity, and fragments from the Japanese animated film BRASS, an orchestra without musicians. BRASSWith his installations, theatre maker and visual artist Kris Verdonck explores what a world without humans would look like. Or, in the case of

    <pTake note: </pThe installation is free to visit, but you do have to reserve a time slot.





    Kris Verdonck

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