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Long Table Talk: Staging Climate

Tue May 28 21:00
Theater Kikker
60 min
Staging climate
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How to stage the outside’ inside?

The climate crisis and its many consequences are visible. Natural disasters occur, harvests fail, biodiversity diminishes, and people must flee. The global crisis connects disciplines; everyone contributes where they can. What theater can do is provide a stage. But how do you stage such a complex structure as ecology? What role can climate play on stage? What do you want to show your audience, what do you zoom in on? In this Long Table Talk, we question staging climate together. SPRING maker Nahuel Cano of the performance Ways to listen to a river is a guest at this collective conversation. You can attend this conversation after the performance All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace which may inspire this conversation. 

The Long Table Talks is a new format within SPRING festival, based on the method of the American theater collective Split Britches. It is a conversation format that invites everyone to participate in the conversation, on equal terms with experts and artists. “The Long Table is a dinner party structured by etiquette, where conversation is the only course.” You are also welcome to only listen. 

In addition to ‘Staging Climate,’ we are also hosting a Long Table Talk on ‘Speculative Storytelling’. Or visit one of our in-depth Topic Talks on ‘War on Stage’ or ‘Ownership & (De)colonial Practices’.

The main language of the Long Table Talks is English. 



Nahuel Cano

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