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SPRING reporter: tReta, a performative invasion


SPRING reporter Leonie de Groot reports about tReta, a performative invasion by Original Bomber Crew.


Afternoon, almost dinner time; the audience is waiting at Karma Kebab for the performance tReta, a performative invasion. From the daylight, we pass through the swinging doors into the darkness. Groups of people are standing everywhere. The youngest spectator, I guess, is about 5 years old. He seems to be part of the performance. Small as he is, he wanders everywhere. When it gets too scary, he seeks comfort from his mother and his slightly older brother, who keeps an eye on him.

The dancers move through the audience and sometimes challenge people by standing very close to them or doing a dance move right in front of them. I imagine this is an evening or night in the favelas of Brazil. Electric guitar, the barking of a vicious dog, trembling sounds, the rolling of a skateboard. Streetlife!

The Original Bomber Crew dancers perform among the audience and move with what they hear, see, and feel. Fighting, dancing, climbing, fire; almost an hour of street tension. A group of dancers from Brazil conveys their energy, emotion, and passion for dance. Where words fall short, body language takes over, letting the audience feel street life. After nearly an hour, the chaos transitions into a rhythm; the sound of rolling, shaking spray cans forms the beat. How inventive to transform these spray cans into musical instruments!

A dancer sprays the color purple on his bare chest; perhaps a glimmer of hope? Another dancer from the crew lights a flame near a side exit. The door opens to the daylight, the sun…

The nightmare is over. Applause, hesitant at first, then the entire audience moves outside toward the dance crew already standing in the bright sun. I start clapping again, and the rest of the audience joins in. Viva Brasil!


Dancing to express yourself
Following the sound of the street
Painting to make clear what you want to say
On the wall in the street
Not in a museum or a fancy theater
Streetlife of Brazil
in an old bike depot
The energy of breaking collective Original Bomber Crew
Just for an afternoon in Utrecht.


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