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tReta, a performative invasion

Sat 25 May 2024 17:00
Sun 26 May 2024 20:00
Karma Kebab
50 min
Language no problem
€18,- / €15,-
Non-western, Crossing the 4th wall, War on stage, City project
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The performance area is wheelchair accessible; however, please note that the building does not currently have a wheelchair-accessible restroom.

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This performance features real fire and loud sounds.

A young dance collective from Teresina, Brazil, invites us to immerse ourselves in the reality of everyday life in a Brazilian city. Rooted in sounds and movement taken from urban culture, tReta is an artistic gesture to stand against oppression and daily struggle, and cherish the moment of being together.

The word ‘treta’ is Brazilian slang from the streets meaning ‘something that went wrong’, or a kind of unexpected trouble or conflict. tReta is a creation by the Original Bomber Crew, from the city of Teresina in Brazil, that uses the elements of hip-hop, from battle to breakdance, to rewrite history in a head-on confrontation with the colonizers’ forces.

It’s a conflict, an explosion, it’s a premeditated act to involve the other, where the audience takes a chance while posing for their selfie of the day. It’s a witnessing of the violence against minoritized bodies in Brazil (only there?). The movements of this dance are the expression of molecules of what actually happens, the everyday, physical reality. The “treta” in geopolitics, in neighborhoods, in breaking battles. The crew’s own fight, in which dance is a way of positioning themselves in the world.

In a performance as radical as it is blunt, a group of young dancers makes contact with the audience that has been plunged into darkness. Their heads hidden inside their t-shirts or bare-chested, moving around on skateboards, they create an atmosphere that evokes the urgency and hostility of urban life in Brazil, to whci they are exposed on a daily basis. Ranging between collisions, racing and precise movements, their gestures reflect the complexity of the metropolis and the chaos of the human relationships that are formed there. Often taken as disposable, in this performance their bodies become a critique of dysfunctional societies and invoke ways of co-existence that allow original communities to remain.

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Combine your visit to tReta with a meal from Karma Kebab! The meal only costs €16,50, and includes a choice between a pita or loaded fries, plus a side dish. You can use this special deal by showing your ticket for the performance.


Mariana Duarte from Publico Portugal interviewed the Original Bomber Crew about tReta. Read the interview here.


“There are performances that force philosophical reflection, or perhaps even firm positioning, in these troubling times. It’s a sad but rock-hard observation that inequality around the world is only systematically increasing, and tReta is a wake-up call not to settle for that.”

tReta, a performative invasion is the critic’s choice in Theaterkrant. Read Javier López Piñón’s entire review here (in Dutch).

"The fire. Anger. The night. Skate scraping on concrete. Graffiti bombs are on fire. The dogs bard. Hooded beings are coming. The bodies slam on the ground, aggregate with each other in clusters of flesh. On a brutally sophisticated soundtrack, in the darkness of a parking lot, the hip-hopers of Original Bomber Crew de-doup their rage with this harshness of survival and the hard skin that goes with it"

Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde, 13 march 2020

"At a time when reparations to the former colonies are the hot topic in Portugal, tReta arrives here at just the right time."

Mariana Duarte, ÍPSILON

"The show brings the darkness of the street, which is unlit and bumpy. It brings that danger, but that danger is where we live. It's part of our life."

Allexandre Santos in conversation with Mariana Duarte, ÍPSILON


Original Bomber Crew


tReta, a performative invasion

by Original Bomber Crew (PI)


Conception Allexandre Bomber and Cesar Costa

Direction Allexandre Bomber

Creation and performance Allexandre Bomber, Cesar Costa, Javé Montuchô, Malcom Jefferson, Maurício Pokemon, Phillip Marinho, Vini Nex

Sound design César Costa and Javé Montuchô

Technical coordination and Light design Javé Montuchô

Photography Maurício Pokemon

Management assistance Humilde Alves

Production Direction Regina Veloso/Casa de Produção-CAMPO Arte

Thanks to Cleydinha, Neném, Fedó, Jell, Pangu, Pangulim, WG, Gui Fontineles, João Marcos e Marcelo Evelin.


Piece done in research and creation residency between 2017 and 2018 in Teresina/Piauí, at Casa de Hip Hop, Espaço Balde and CAMPO Arte/Casa de Produção.

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