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Within Cells Interlinked

Wed 29 May 2024 21:00
Thu 30 May 2024 20:30
Het Huis Utrecht Theaterzaal
90 min
Croatia/Germany/the Netherlands
€18,- / €15,
Performing speculations, New technologies
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Between our dreams, surveillance strategies and gameplay reality, the new performance by TILT takes us on a journey through different realities which can coexist in  one place and one time. Božić and Willms combine different media on stage and invite us to immerse in this phantasmagoria

A new transmedia performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT

A time-traveling groomsmen at a bombed wedding, a girl in an otherworldly environment seemingly pregnant with a fish, a toddler that changes gender and runs on battery, dream-analysts intervening in citizens’ nighttime reveries in an attempt to affect future events, scientists performing a quantum slit experiment and mystical dancers.

Welcome to Within Cells Interlinked – a transmedia phantasmagoria labyrinth interconnecting multiple worlds with the logic of dreams, corporate surveillance and gameplay. Especially for Within Cells Interlinked, TILT collaborates with the Premonitions Agency whose aim is to collect, capture and analyse citizens’ dreams and intervene into them to affect possible futures. In Within Cells Interlinked, several protagonists find themselves performing the roles of multiple selves across different realities – dreamers caught up in their dream worlds, Premonitions Agency employees working for its various departments – who are initially not aware of each other but whose actions impact each others’ and also their own in return. They start intervening in each others’ realities and interacting across worlds looking for clues and connections between them and exploring their role and agency within it. They take the audience on a journey across these textures of media realities, creating the world(s) – changing and interlinking them – as they discover it. All the different worlds of the dreams and the agency departments co-exist on stage simultaneously in a seamless and intertwined labyrinth of physical, virtual and imaginary spaces that incorporate the whole theatre hall and bring outside spaces and times into it.

The performance playfully explores the questions of free will and agency, sentience and imagination amidst the next wave of digitalization and globalization. Overlapping dream and gameplay, science and mysticism, it explores how – when these other logics are transposed and projected onto the everyday – this can allow for other perceptions and imaginaries to emerge. Within Cells Interlinked is based on real night-night time dreams donated by the artistic team and various other dreamers. As part of the collaboration with the Premonitions Agency, TILT are hosting the Premonitions Agency Dream Collecting and Analysis sessions where the audience can contribute their dreams to this research.

Long Table Talk

TILT is taking part in the Long Table Talk Speculative Storytelling on May 25 from 18:15 to 19:15 in the Stadsschouwburg.

This performance is made possible by:



Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT


Concept, choreography, space and audio-visual design, direction: Andrea Božić and Julia Willms


Concept and performance development in collaboration with Billy Mullaney

Performed by Billy Mullaney, Andrea Božić, Julia Willms and Veronika Abdul-Visocka

Video animation: Julia Willms

Light design: Pablo Fontdevilla

Production: Lena Meijer

Technique: Simchah Hoed and Pablo Fontdevilla

TILT management: Elowise Vanderbroecke

Publicity: Hans Klijn


Based on the dreams donated by the performance team and various dreamers


Produced by TILT in co-production with SPRING Performing Arts Festival, in collaboration with the Premonitions Agency. Made possible by the financial contribution of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Art (structural support 2021-2024), BNG Fund, Tijl Fund. Research supported by DAS Theatre and iDLab / ATD

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