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Thanks for Being Here

Fri 24 May 2024 21:15
Stadsschouwburg Grote Zaal
90 min
Dutch (English text available)
€25,50 / €18,-
Performing speculations
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‘Thanks for Being Here’ is an ode to the audience. A shared moment, full of different expectations, different points of view, different lives. A performance about watching and being watched. In a game of perspectives, Ontroerend Goed lets us experience the impossibility of a shared perspective. And we celebrate that multiverse of individual realities. Thanks for being here.

Thanks for Being Here is a celebration of our temporary togetherness. Of all of us, here, in this space. We will celebrate each and every one of you, with your reality and perspective. We will try to see through your eyes. We may swap roles. But although we are present together, we cannot truly understand all these different points of view.

Thanks for Being Here is an acknowledgment of the impossibility of seeing from a shared perspective. And precisely within this impossibility lies the magic of a joint experience — a collective journey akin to a shared hallucination. A celebration of all perspectives present. So… thanks for being here.

Thanks for Being Here is a performance about the way we look at things. In a game of perspectives, Ontroerend Goed will make the audience experience the boundaries of a shared perspective. Because our points of view are influenced by the context we live in, the media we consume, and the social circles we frequent. Maybe true understanding even lies in realizing that we might never fully understand each other. And that it is fine.

After Funeral, Thanks for Being Here is the second performance by Ontroerend Goed on the celebration of life. This time, there’s nothing to mourn, only a celebration of a multitude of realities.

‘Only when we combine complementary views of the same reality do we gain broader access to the knowledge of things. The more complex what we want to understand is, the more important it is to have multiple pairs of eyes so that we can converge those beams of light and perceive through the multiple the One.’

The Blind Light – Benjamin Labatut


  • 2023: 8 Fringe First Awards and a nomination for a Total Theatre Award on Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Everyone is seen here: the performance ‘Thanks for Being’ Here offers a sweet ode to the audience  ★★★★☆, NRC (in Dutch)

With ‘Thanks for being here’ Ontroerend Goed highlights precisely wat is so nice about live ★★★★☆, de Volkskrant (in Dutch)

Radically hopeful: the audience becomes performer in ‘Thanks for Being Here’ ★★★★☆, deMorgen (in Dutch)

“In Thanks for Being Here, the audience plays the main role. Ontroerend Goed have made theatrical mindgames their trademark, but which meaning hides underneath this ingenious hall of mirrors?” ★★★★☆

DeMorgen, Evelyne Coussens, May 6 2024

“With Thanks for Being Here, Ontroerend Goed highlights precisely wat is so nice about live. Soft, without forceful gestures, a tribute to the existence of audience is created.”

de Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts, May 16, 2024.

"Everyone is seen here: the performance 'Thanks for Being Here' pays a sweet tribute to the audience" ★★★★☆

NRC, Amber Wiznitzer, May 6 2024



Alexander Devriendt


Charlotte De Bruyne


Karolien De Bleser


Patricia Kargbo


Leonore Spee


Ontroerend Goed


Alexander Devriendt


Charlotte De Bruyne, Karolien De Bleser, Patricia Kargbo & Leonore Spee


Elias Beaudouin


Fauve Ryckebusch


Ontroerend Goed




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with the support of
the Flemish Community & the City of Ghent
the Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government & uFund


photo credits Wout Vloeberghs

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