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  • NL premiere

The Filipino Superwoman Band

Sat 1 June 2024 21:30
Stadsschouwburg Blauwe Zaal
60 min
€18,- / €15,-
Non-western, Face from the crowd
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Eisa Jocson returns to SPRING to continue her consistent research into the exploitation of the citizens of the global south. The Filipino Superwoman Band is a pop-up girl band, teasing us with energetic music and ecstatic choreography, to uncover for us the realities of the global industry known as OFM (Overseas Filipino Musician).


Filipinos are known to “service the world” in various roles—taking on different jobs in the service industry globally, from domestic helpers, nurses and caregivers, to entertainers and restaurant staff, among others. The Overseas Filipino Musician (OFM) is no stranger to this global industry phenomenon. They manifest in the form of “cover bands” to cater to the demand for western music in hotels, clubs, and entertainment parks all over the world. 

In The Filipino Superwoman Band, Eisa Jocson together with co-singers Bunny Cadag and Cathrine Go mirror the care work of Filipino migrant workers, including the adoption of particular vocal inflections and coded gestures using a repertoire built around the 1989 single “Superwoman” by American R&B singer Karyn White. The song, a wife’s lament against being taken for granted, enjoyed regular airplay in 1990s Manila (it was such a hit among local listeners that a Filipino version “Hindi Ako Si Darna” / “I Am Not Superwoman” was also produced). With sound design by Teresa Barrozo alongside video projections by Franchesca Casauay, the performance enacts a gendered occupation of feminine affective labour. The Filipino live band format then becomes the site of artistic interrogation: from its set conventions and song contents to the aesthetic codes and affective strategies used by Filipino musicians to engage their foreign and local audiences in a live music show.


Mina Etemad wrote in De Volkskrant about The Filipino Superwoman Band: “The intelligent and entertaining performance ‘The Filipino Superwoman Band’ questions the role of Filipino people in the West”. Read the full review here.

“The strongest part of the performance is the use of blackout poetry in the song lyrics of Superwoman.” Joost Ramaer wrote about the performance for the Dutch platform Theaterkrant: read the review here.

  • Eisa Jocson – recipient of the 2018 Cultural Center of the Philippines 13 Artists Award, the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award 2019, and the Tabori International Award 2023 in Germany
  • Superwoman: Empire of Care, a K-pop music video iteration of The Filipino Superwoman Band performance, won the SeMa-HANA Award (Seoul MediaCity Biennale, South Korea) in 2021.

"As a female artist conceiving stunning and always unexpected art projects from performance to sound and visual installations, Eisa Jocson has already a unique position in the contemporary art scenes in Asia and globally. The artist creates multilayered images, revisiting the vocabularies of dance and music, as well as infiltrating local popular references and contemporary visual art formats. It is with great intelligence that Eisa Jocson engages todays life and art, always repositioning her own practice into the unknown, going beyond fixed identities, genders and frontiers"

Larys Frogier, Director of Rocbund Art Museum, Laudation at Hugo Boss Asia Art 2019



Eisa Jocson


Bunny Cadag


Cathrine Go


Teresa Barrozo


Franchesca Casauay


EISA JOCSON – Lead Artist, Concept & Choreography, Performer

BUNNY CADAG – Artistic Collaborator, Performer

CATHRINE GO – Artistic Collaborator, Performer

TERESA BARROZO – Artistic Collaborator, Sound Design & Musical Direction

FRANCHESCA CASAUAY – Artistic Collaborator, Video Projections & Production Management

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