28 Oct - 15 Nov UTRECHT

Programme A-Z

Programme A-Z

Agenda programme per day
A Fossil of Force / Cosmic A*
A Fossil of Force / Cosmic A* Charlie Prince

Essay and video about Arab identity

A Robot Walked into the Theatre…
A Robot Walked into the Theatre... Acting Like a Robot

Film about robots and humans

Berichten vanuit quarantaine (mei)
Messages out of quarantine various artists

The public space is not closed

Casa Conveniente
Casa Conveniente Mónica Calle / Casa Conveniente e Zona Não Vigiada

Film about working from the margins

Digital Silence
Digital Silence Building Conversation / Lotte van den Berg e.a.

Online performance about presence and absence

dot-sorry (teaser)
dot-sorry (teaser) SETUP

Short film about sincere apologies in the tech industrie

Fat Dance
Fat Dance Doris Uhlich

Dance lesson for all body types

Holistic Strata Screen
Holistic Strata Screen Hiroaki Umeda

Dancefilm with a whirlwind of pixels


Podcast about the many facets of hunger

In Other Words
In Other Words Ingrid Berger Myhre

Video about creation process of performance about language and dance

JANELAÇO DA ALMA Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo

Essay and video about the protests in Brazil

my shadow used to have a density (SPRING on Screen)
my shadow used to have a density Francesca Lazzeri / no time for commas

Video and essay about the relationship people have with their smartphones

Opening speech
Opening speech Rainer Hofmann

Speech by Rainer Hofmann, artistic director SPRING, via Zoom.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Project
The Bohemian Rhapsody Project Ho Tzu Nyen

A short political musical

The Walking Forest (home and utopia)
The Walking Forest (home and utopia) Christiane Jatahy

Short documentary about Prosper, a regugee from Congo 

Things For My House
Things For My House Sonia Hughes

Live writing about global citizenship, race, territory and home

this is for everyone (SPRING on Screen)
this is for everyone Marc von Henning

Poem on video for everyone

Une lutte contre la crise
Une lutte contre la crise Zora Snake

Dance film with powerfull contemporary and urban dance

Your Feeling
Your Feeling Genevieve Murphy

First single and video of the new album



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