Screaming for Belarus
Screaming for Belarus Jana Shostak

Artistic protest against the political persecutions in Belarus

NL premiere performance
Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM Katja Heitmann

New intimate intriguing chapter, in Katja’s choreography project, on archiving and transferring the movement of an individual person into collective memory

performative installation SPRING coproduction worldpremiere
Batty Bwoy
Batty Bwoy Harald Beharie

Celebration of dance by an upcoming star of choreography, directly confronting the audience with the queer body on stage

dance NL premiere
SPAfrica Julian Hetzel & Ntando Cele

Two great provocateurs join forces to reveal the perverse aspects of the water industry and its impact on our society

NL premiere SPRING coproduction theatre
Dear beloved friend,
Dear beloved friend, Dries Verhoeven

A performance straight from Lagos, Nigeria about our shifting European self-image

performative installation
SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś & Kim_Twiddle

A story about friendship between two artists, and about struggling to relate to the normativity of the world around

dance NL premiere
A Plot / A Scandal
A Plot / A Scandal Ligia Lewis

The newest stage work by Lewis covers the history of colonialism as written in historical books and the one embodied in the personal history of her ancestors

dance NL premiere
Still Not Still
Still Not Still Ligia Lewis

Large scale dance production on the colonial past and presence by one of the strongest choreographic voices of this time

dance NL premiere
Landing on Feathers
Landing on Feathers Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm & Julia Reist

Funny and nostalgic story about the notion of care and its crucial role in building connections

dance SPRING coproduction
2048 - identity in dissolution (٢٠٤٨ - تَحَلّلْ هَوِيَة)
2048 - identity in dissolution (٢٠٤٨ - تَحَلّلْ هَوِيَة) alaa minawi

Intimate performance, with and about an artist who will be with the audience all the time, but never shows up

performative installation

SPRING passe-partout