Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM Katja Heitmann

New intimate intriguing chapter, in Katja’s choreography project, on archiving and transferring the movement of an individual person into collective memory

performative installation SPRING coproduction worldpremiere
Golden Age
Golden Age Igor Cardellini & Tomas Gonzalez

Unexpected excursion across shopping mall Hoog Catharijne, changing our perception of public space and daily shopping decisions

performative installation
2048 - identity in dissolution (٢٠٤٨ - تَحَلّلْ هَوِيَة)
2048 - identity in dissolution (٢٠٤٨ - تَحَلّلْ هَوِيَة) alaa minawi

Intimate performance, with and about an artist who will be with the audience all the time, but never shows up

performative installation

SPRING passe-partout