Eviatar/Said & Rising

Shira Eviatar

Shira Eviatar is an independent choreographer from Tel Aviv whose object of study is the meaning of dance as part of ethnic identity. She creates a personal sketch of Yemenite cultural tradition that is passed on like an inheritance. Her performer Evyatar Said zooms in on Jewish-Yemenite and Palestinian dance traditions. In the solo Eviatar/Said he uses his personal (physical) memories, knowledge and sensations, deconstructing and rewriting them for the present.

Rising is an encounter between two dancers with two sets of movement language that are rooted in two different cultures: Yemenite and Moroccan. In this duet, Anat Amrani and Shira Eviatar study the movements that have been etched into their systems because they go back to the festive old Arab-Jewish traditions. Eviatar removes them from this context and strips them of their ethnic aesthetic to reveal the differences and similarities. 

Choreography: Shira Eviatar
Dancer and creator: Evyatar Said
Artistic Director: Yasmeen Godder

Choreography: Shira Eviatar
Dancers: Shira Eviatar, Anat Amrani
Artistic Directors: Itzik Giuli
Music: Aharon Amram – “Haya Mei Sana”, Sfataim-“ Ahlan Wa Sahlan”
Rehearsal Director: May Zarhy
Yemenite Dance Advice: Evyatar Said

Producer: Shira Eviatar
With support of: Mifal Hapais, Yasmeen Godder studio and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts



18/05/2019 19:30

19/05/2019 21:00


€17,- / €14,-


Theater Kikker, Kleine Zaal


SPRING 2019 


Duration: 60 min
+ Short introduction (Sat 18th May)
+ 10 minutes 10 questions (Sun 19th May)

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