All Together

Michikazu Matsune
' An intimate show about the lasting bonds between people '

Who have been important people in your life? And why are they important to you? Conceived by performance-maker Michikazu Matsune and joined on stage by Frans Poelstra (Netherlands) and Elizabeth Ward (US), this show features stories of people who are or once were close to us but, for one or another reason, cannot be here with us at this moment. It might be a sister, childhood-friend, teacher, first-love or even star-artists. The three performers – who come from different places in the world – speak about those who remain in their minds, dedicate a dance to them and sometimes become them. All Together connects what is absent to what is present and those who are here to those who are not here. Whether we love or hate one another, no matter if you are here or not, as a matter of fact, we all belong together.

"Three performers are conversing.They bring back the names of friends, family members, and accidental encounters that have had a deep impact on their lives. This work helped me look back upon my own life, and recollect the encounters that have brought about profound changes in it." - Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

Podcast All Together (English)

Concept, artistic direction: Michikazu Matsune 
Performance: Michikazu Matsune, Frans Poelstra, Elizabeth Ward
Assistance: Dorothea Zeyringer, Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Tour management: Franziska Zaida Schrammel
Production: Verein Violet Lake / Studio Matsune 
Funded by: Stadt Wien Kultur (the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna)


15/05/2022 19:30 tickets sold out cancelled Waiting list

16/05/2022 20:30 tickets sold out cancelled Waiting list


€17,- / €14,-*


Stadsschouwburg, Blauwe zaal


SPRING 2022 


Duration: 65 minutes

Language: English


*online prices, €2,- addition at the Box Office

Son 15 May: Prior to the performance there is a brief introduction by artistic director Grzegorz Reske

Mon 16 May: After the performance there will be an After talk in the foyer


SPRING passe-partout