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    Wanaset Yodit

    Laila Soliman
    27 May, 28 May, 29 May 2021
    30 minutes
    English/Arabic with subtitles
    €12,50, inclusief pakket met ingrediënten voor de voorstelling en de bijbehorende verzendkosten. Deze wordt thuisbezorgd, vul dus je adresgegevens in!
    SPRING 2021

    Impressive stories in an intimate online coffee ceremony

    The Egyptian stage director Laila Soliman believes the power of theatre can help people process their traumatic experiences. Like Yodit Akbalat and Abir Omer, who fled from Sudan to seek refuge in Germany. In Wanaset Yodit the two friends share their stories with their audience, with cups of coffee to hand. Their deeply human journey will move you to more than tears alone – with Yodit’s sense of humour and her lust for life she is sure to make you laugh. Due to the corona situation, the show takes on a different form. Instead of taking place in a small live coffee ceremony, the two friends will now share their stories via an intimate video call. With the package you will receive you can prepare a coffee ceremony at home. To be able to connect with Abir and Yodit despite current restrictions makes the experience equally impressive. 


    Laila Soliman is an independent Egyptian theatre director and playwright, living and working in Cairo. She studied the American University in Cairo and obtained her MA in theater at Dasarts (AHK) in Amsterdam. Her work results from her interest in the state of change in the current socio-political climate and its influence on individuals, relationships and power structures. It draws on collective memories and personal stories to bridge the gap between official versions of events and intimate, individual experiences.



    Laila Soliman

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