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    Utrecht Connection (NL) – Expodium

    SPRING 2014

    SPRING is bringing the world to Utrecht and presenting Utrecht to the world. Alongside the many international shows, the festival will also present a substantial number of shows made in Utrecht. The city is a rich breeding ground. It is teeming with diverse and refreshing initiatives by young creatives involved in other forms of art besides the performing arts. SPRING has asked two incubator spaces from Utrecht to rise to the challenge of connecting their own disciplines with those in the performing arts.

    On Saturday 17 May the urban think tank Expodium is curating a programme of lectures, a round table discussion and a city walk, based on urban research in Utrecht. The programme will be centred on the theme of SPRING: More Future!

    Saturday 17 May the programme will start with an introduction on Expodium by Friso Wiersum. Then there will be a series of lectures: Urban Surroundings by Ruud Bakker, Urbanibalism by Wietske Maas and As the city ate itself by Geert van Mil. After this, there will be a round table discussion in which everyone is able to participate. Thereafter there will be a city walk through Utrecht. The programme will be closed with a screening of Soylent Green, with an introduction by Joris Lindhout.

    The programme will start at 14:00 and last until approximately 20:00.




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