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  • SPRING coproduction
  • SPRING coproduction
  • NL premiere

To Speak Light Pours Out

Kate McIntosh
27 October, 28 October 2021
Het Huis, Theaterzaal
90 Minutes
English with Dutch subtitles
€ 17 / € 14*
SPRING in Autumn 2021

Immerse yourself in a listening space made up of vocals and percussion

Kate McIntosh’ shows actively engage audiences and encourage them to use all the senses. After the highly successful and intimate ritual In Many Hands (SPRING 2018), the extraordinary choreographer returns to Utrecht. This time she is immersing her audience in a world of percussion and vocals, mixing the work of various writers, composers and artists to create a powerful, political and poetic listening space. Big, booming beats and high-energy rhythms, voices and lyrics form a liberating and activating sonic universe
Podcastseries SPRING in het diepe
After the first series of the podcast SPRING in het Diepe (JUMP in the Deep), art journalist Luuk Heezen gives for the second time a digital, but very intimate exploration of the weird and wonderful ways of thinking of the artists featured at SPRING. Immerse yourself in their world.

Listen to the conversation with Kate McIntosh below and find the other podcasts here.



Kate McIntosh

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