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    to come (extended)

    Mette Ingvartsen
    SPRING 2018

    Commercials, films, the internet and magazines inundate us with images of sexualised, eroticised bodies. The intimate has become public. Pleasure is a must. Choreographer Mette Ingvartsen turns the theatre into a place to rethink sexuality, pornography and power and consider how they are interwoven with our current socio-political system. In to come (extended), 15 performers question the notion of individual sexual freedom. The performers’ bodies melt into a single collective structure. The notion of a climax – equally longed for in a piece of theatre – is relinquished and replaced with a series of extended moments of joy. Slowing down the excitement and driving it on again, the show becomes a plea for art and dance. 



    Mette Ingvartsen

    Motion on Motion off