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    Still (The Economy of Waiting)

    Julian Hetzel
    SPRING 2014

    Have you ever considered making money by doing nothing? It’s what some people seem to do; night porters, security people, even beggars. Of course they are ‘doing something’, but they are not visibly being active or productive. What they are really doing, is waiting. Waiting is a provocation in our society today, in which hard graft, high productivity and unbridled ambition have been elevated to the highest level of virtue. Waiting means wasting time; it’s a no-man’s land between thought and action. A visit to performance installation Still (The Economy of Waiting) is no such thing! In a series of cargo containers in and around Janskerkhof you will have a personal encounter in a fictional parallel universe. Surrounded by the bustling city you will find peace.

    SPRING believes that the festival DNA is made up of more than just putting talent on the bill; it’s also about encouraging and facilitating talent development. Like choreographer Jan Martens, Julian Hetzel is working on a two-year development programme with SPRING.

    A SPRING-production as part of the European network Global City – Local City.

    On May 19 Still (The Economy of Waiting) can be seen with Some Use For Your Broken Claypots as Double Bill #5 The art of waiting + Political activism.



    Julian Hetzel

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