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    Some Use For Your Broken Claypots

    Christophe Meierhans
    SPRING 2014

    What would our democracy look like under a different a law system? Christophe Meierhans has his own ideas about the subject… In Some Use For Your Broken Claypots he is an impassioned election candidate campaigning, in a lecture-hall, for a radical overhaul of the democratic system as we know it today. Meierhans is promoting a new constitution and a new voting system. He intends to discontinue the election system in which we vote people into power – and wants to use elections to vote people out of power instead. Just like the citizens in ancient Athens did. During their public meetings they would take a shard of clay pottery and inscribe on it the name of the person they believed should leave the city. Meierhans is departing from this classical system, he lays the foundations for a future democracy. Would you vote for Meierhans?

    The performance takes place at the Utrecht University of Governance. After both performances there will be a short after lecture by professors of the Utrecht University in the lecture hall. On Monday the 19th Dr. Harmen Binnema will deliver the after lecture  and on Wednesday the 21st it will be held by Dr. Ank Michels.

    On May 19 Some Use For Your Broken Claypots can be seen with Still (The Economy of Waiting) as Double Bill #5 The art of waiting + Political activism.



    Christophe Meierhans



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