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Walk by Peter Power for the Gap Exchange Programme

Peter Power
25 May 2023
gratis / free

Peter Power reflects on the tensions of urban living through a walk in the city

Artist Peter Power will share with the SPRING Festival a small fragment of his work After Light: These Dark Citizens by Sparsile Collective. A meditation on the tensions of urban living, of decay and development and our internal selves. This poetic ode to the city asks us to consider our roles as citizens in dark places, to contemplate the effects of design and architecture on the stories of our lives, to question what a city really is, and to encourage us to find new narratives in the dark.

This sharing of Peter's work will include a walk in the city, guided through an app on your phone. You can do this walk alone or with others. You and Peter will meet at the end of the walk at 22:30 in The SPRING Festival Hart (Stadsschouwburg Utrecht) for a conversation. You decide how long you want to walk for. A recommended time of 1 hour is suggested.

To take part, you will need a smartphone, with an operating system as up to date as possible to avoid software issues. You will also need headphones.

Download the application to your phone. It is freely available on the app store. When you have downloaded the application, search for the walk titled “After Light: Utrecht” and download the walk onto your phone. You will only be able to find the walk on the app after 20:00 on Wednesday 24th of May. Please download the walk as close to the time when you will be doing it as as possible – it allows Peter to have the latest version available for you. 

A small map will be provided digitally of the areas of interest before the performance. Check this site a day prior to event.

Dress accordingly for the weather, with comfortable shoes. A start time is not being given for this walk, but rather an end time so you can gather together and talk with the artist. You will only be able to find the walk on the app after 20:00 on Wednesday 24th of May.

Peter is taking part in the first Gap Exchange programme, organised by Irish Theatre Institute and local partners including SPRING Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht. He has been paired with local artist Asa Horvitz. Asa is hosting Peter while in Utrecht and introducing him to the city and the local arts community, and later in the year Peter will host Asa in Cork, Ireland. Gap Exchange is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.



Peter Power

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