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Ezra Veldhuis, Bosse Provoost, Extinction Rebellion Utrecht
Wed May 29 2024 10:00
Het Huis Utrecht
5 hrs

Ezra Veldhuis and Bosse Provoost have been collaborating since 2018 to create performances at the intersection of performance and installation art, the ecosystem and technology. Their newest show All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace premiered at CAMPO in October 2023. Ezra Veldhuis is active in both performing and visual arts. She completed the master’s degree in visual arts at the School of Arts|KASK Ghent in 2017. She has a multidisciplinary practice focusing on light as a material and subject. She makes performances, installations, paintings and videos as well as working as a lighting designer and scenographer. Bosse Provoost is a performing artist and director. He graduated from the master’s program in Drama at School of Arts|KASK Ghent in 2016. He made his first performances (Herberg, Moore Bacon! and The Act of Dying) in collaboration with Kobe Chielens, with whom he explored the physical language of animation film figures.

Extinction Rebellion Utrecht serves as a local branch of the global environmental movement that advocates for urgent action against climate change and ecological deterioration. Through a variety of methods such as non-violent protests, community discussions, and educational initiatives, Extinction Rebellion Utrecht aims to raise public awareness about pressing environmental issues. By engaging with local communities and authorities, XR Utrecht prompts policy changes and advocates for a more sustainable society.

Together, they will give a workshop for artists and activists alike. In this workshop, Ezra Veldhuis, Bosse Provoost, and Extinction Rebellion invent an “installation protest” together with the participants. For this we start from Richard Brautigan’s poem All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace and ask: How can we create a landscape of actions, a demonstration that can be “visited” by bystanders, that speaks in unison yet polyphonically?

This Masterclass is for people interested in ecology, performance, activism, and how these areas intertwine. 

The Masterclass includes lunch and a ticket to the 19h30 performance of All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace by Veldhuis & Provoost at Theater Kikker Utrecht on Tuesday May 28th.

You can apply for this Masterclass via this link until April 25 2024.


Photo credits: Yvan Mahieu



Ezra Veldhuis


Bosse Provoost

Motion on Motion off