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    Lest We See Where We Are

    Ant Hampton, Tim Etchells
    SPRING 2014

    Lest We See Where We Are is a journey into the past as well as into the future. To begin with, you’re sitting at the window of a café on Domplein with some photos in front of you. As you look out, a voice inside your head(phones) draws you into the past, forming connections between what you see through the window and what you find in the photos. What do we know about the last hundred years of this place? What happened on this spot, five hundred years ago? And the people looking at us from the photos: what do we know now, that they didn’t back then? And then suddenly the past is over, and you’re outside in that world, for real. A different voice now, speaking aloud in an attempt to think… about the future. Can people hear it? Do they assume you’re responsible for these thoughts? Could they, in fact, be your thoughts? By making clever use of ingenious stereo recordings and a simple boombox, Ant Hampton creates a stunningly visceral experience inspired by the city of Utrecht.
    This is Ant’s second collaboration with Tim Etchells, following on from The Quiet Volume presented in the University Library during Festival a/d Werf 2012.

    Experience Lest We See Where We Are in  Dutch or English. This performance is for one person at a time. The performance starts every 20 minutes.

    A SPRING co-production as part of the European network Second Cities – Performing Cities.

    Starting 6 May.



    Ant Hampton


    Tim Etchells

    Motion on Motion off