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Landing on Feathers – Rehearsing the Not Yet

Jija Sohn, Julia Reist, Aleksandra Lemm in collaboration with Elmer Kouwenberg, Nica Roses
18 May 2022
Het Huis Utrecht
90 minutes
Japan / Korea / Polen
Context programme

A safe space to reflect on care, proximity, and our relationship with the other

Last year, choreographers Jija Sohn (Japan/Korea) and Aleksandra Lemm (Poland) made quite an impression with Landing on Feathers. This short documentary film flowed on from their second job as carers for the partly paralysed Elmer Kouwenberg, with whom they do a range of physical exercises. It resulted in a beautiful story of how everybody can experience physical freedom.

Jija and Aleksandra are currently working with Julia Reist on a second instalment of the Landing on Feathers project, in which they continue their exploration of inclusivity and compassion in interhuman relationships and in society. During SPRING Performing Arts Festival they will be sharing their research with the audience and create a very special safe space where the audience is invited to reflect and exchange about care, proximity, and our relationship with the other. Together they aim to discuss all forms of impairment, challenge or discomfort.

Invitation to a short WhatsApp conversation about care
Prior to the gathering at SPRING, artists and care providers Jija, Aleksandra and Julia invite people to participate in a 1-on-1 informal conversation about human relationships, care and self-care within one's own most intimate and close surroundings. In a safe space of WhatsAapp voice messages the often hidden and underestimated subjects of vulnerability, sensitivity and personal needs can be shared. It is an invitation to take a moment together, to breathe, to slow down and reflect on how we experience care in our daily lives. If you wish to share a moment of conversation with one of the artists, please send an email to and we’ll take the conversation to WhatsApp later. The conversation takes around 20 minutes during which we will ask a few questions and open up the space for reflections.



Jija Sohn


Julia Reist


Aleksandra Lemm in collaboration with Elmer Kouwenberg


Nica Roses

Motion on Motion off