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  • performative installation
  • SPRING coproduction
  • SPRING coproduction
  • World premiere


Katja Heitmann
18 May, 19 May, 20 May 2023
Utrecht Centraal
75 minutes
Dutch and English
Duitsland, Nederland
€17,50 / €14,50

New intimate intriguing chapter, in Katja’s choreography project, on archiving and transferring the movement of an individual person into collective memory

What moves humankind? In the multi-year art project Motus Mori, Katja Heitmann collects and preserves human movement. Since 2019, more than 1,000 people have already donated their personal movement to this embodied archive, an ever-growing foundation from which the choreographer creates new artworks.

In the ‘movement opera’ RELIQUIEM, you experience other people’s motions in the most direct and touching way possible: through your body. In an intimate ritual, you put yourself in the shoes of the archive’s many donors and incorporate their personal “movement relics” into your motion repertoire. Katja calIs this ‘kinetic empathy’. Which movement would you like to inherit?

Katja Heitmann is fascinated by the human attempt to escape their own mortality. This paradox is the muse of the movement archive Motus Mori. As movement goes and vanishes, we are at the same time epi-central master of our own life ánd just a spark in eternity.

With RELIQUIEM, Katja Heitmann takes her archive research to the next level; creating a collective shared movement heritage to secure it for the future. The archive will be transferred to ‘everyone’. After all: doesn’t every human being want to keep moving, for eternity?

The press on Motus Mori:
New York Times (USA): “The archive is our body”
De Standaard (BE): “Kinetic empathy at its best”
deVolkskrant (NL): “Highly original”
NRC (NL): “The beauty and vulnerability of dance in one thoughtful concept”
Museumtijdschrift (NL): “More direct, effective and poignant than any video, photo or text can ever be.”

Trouw (NL): “Katja Heitmann and her dancers tour Europe with the ‘living archive’ Motus Mori. They collect everyday movements from all types of people. to ensure they do not get forgotten. Read the Dutch interview here.

Theaterkrant (NL): “Choreographer Katja Heitmann is working on a special archive: over 1500 people have donated their movements. From these movements she created a new performance, in which the audience puts themselves in the shoes of people from the archive. What type of contact do we have to our own body, and that of others? Bodily awareness, empathy and emotion are all present. Reliquiem is a layered journey to what the body tells us at its deepest.” Read the Dutch article here.


Katja Heitmann

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