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375 0908 2334 / The body you are calling is currently not available

Igor Shugaleev
24 May 2023
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Hekmanfoyer
60 minutes
Belarusian with English translation and Dutch translation available
€12,50 / €10,-

Inciting first-hand report about life under inhuman dictatorship in the heart of Europe

Igor Shugaleev is known for his interdisciplinary approach to art and his use of new technologies and video to create immersive and interactive experiences. His works often explore the ways in which new media transform our relationships with each other and the world around us, and his performances blur the lines between reality and fiction. 375 0908 2334 / the body you are calling is currently not available is a response to the harassment of protesters in Belarus.

In the summer of 2020, the protests of Belarusian society came to a climax. They rose up against the dictatorship and the Russian-controlled corruption and autocratic government. The revolution was suppressed with blood, dozens were killed in the streets and nearly 40,000 citizens were arrested and tortured for ‘disobedience’. Shugaleev fled to Ukraine, to Poland and finally to Germany, and was fortunate not to be arrested, but to ‘merely’ become a refugee. The violence and abuse continue to this day. In his performance, Shugaleev opens a window to the horrific reality of the demonstrators' conditions. It’s a desperate cry for help and a plea for global awareness of the atrocities committed by the Belarusian government.

The performance grew out of the idea of resisting long-term stress, dealing with fear and anxiety, and overcoming feelings of guilt. Shugaleev creates a fairly simple way of communicating with the public: he identifies with the detainees, “simulates” the physical torture and transforms a unanimous person into a living, physical presence.

In his performance, the artist pays homage to his compatriots who ended up in the hands of the secret service, paying the highest price for their desire for freedom and democracy.



Igor Shugaleev

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