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    Yoann Durant, Benjamin Vandewalle
    SPRING 2017

    In collaboration with sound artist Yoann Durant and a group of performers from among others HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht), Benjamin Vandewalle is creating a live soundscape that explores the suggestive powers of sound. Visitors to Hear are blindfolded and placed inside a space with other visitors. The sonic choreography takes place around you and your fellow visitors. You will feel movements and experience sounds. You are here, in Hear, over there and yonder. The sound is everywhere all the time. After Inter-view – which placed visitors face to face unexpectedly with complete strangers – and Birdwatching 4×4 – in which spectators spied on dancers and passers-by unnoticed – Vandewalle is now inviting you to an intimate aural experience that tickles your senses.



    Yoann Durant


    Benjamin Vandewalle

    Motion on Motion off