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The conspiracy of forms

Amparo González Sola
19 May, 20 May 2023
De LiK
60 minutes
language no problem
Argentinië, Nederland
€17,50 / €14,50

Movement- and sound lead feminist ritual, taking back control over a civilization shaped by and for men

“In The conspiracy of forms, Amparo González Sola and concrete conspire together to show you things you do not expect to see, of which you do not know where they come from or whether they were ever there at all: matter as concrete, metafysic, and metaphorical magic.” – Devika Chotoe, Theaterkrant

The conspiracy of forms is a dance performance and political manifesto by the Argentine choreographer Amparo González Sola. During the performance you see three women and a block of concrete. They hold the block, hammer it, knead it, rub it, swallow it, transform it into something else. The audience is invited to watch closely and be slowly drawn into the ritual, immersed in the sound, touched by the dust. The concrete block functions as a concrete object and as a metaphor. We see concrete everywhere in our urban life, it supports the structures in which we live, shapes the world of today. But how do we relate to this heavy material?

In a poetical and feminist way, the work addresses the question of how we relate to the world we have built. What relationship is possible between destroying and recycling, between digesting and exorcising?

“Along a perceptive, emotional and conceptual movement, we conspire against ourselves, to become others.” Amparo González Sola presented a first version of this work in Buenos Aires in 2018. A new version of this work will premiere at SPRING 2023.

During the Topic Talk between provocation and invitation,  Amparo will delve deeper into her work.

Practical information: The material in the piece releases dust. It does not present risks for the audience or performers. However, for those of you susceptible to dust, please feel free to wear the masks provided at the entrance.



Amparo González Sola

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