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Maker Ligia Lewis on history and racism and how she uses these themes in her work


Ligia discusses the performances she presents this week at SPRING: Still Not Still on Thu 25 May, and A Plot / A Scandal on Fri 26 and Sat 27 May.

This is the fourth and last episode of the 2023-season of the SPRING in het Diepe podcast. In this episode, host Luuk Heezen talks to maker Ligia Lewis, who has two Dutch premieres during SPRING this year: Still Not Still on May 25th, and A Plot / A Scandal on May 26th and 27th.

We need to confront our history of racism and colonialism, not ignore it. This is what choreographer Ligia Lewis’ works are about. During SPRING 2023, she presents two works: Still Not Still, about the history of non-Western groups, and A Plot / A Scandal, about historical and modern (political) scandals.

In this podcast episode, Ligia talks to art journalist Luuk Heezen about these productions, and the themes that are important to her and which she uses in her work: themes like racism, colonialism, and more. She discusses how modern Western society likes to ignore its difficult past to instead look at the future, but that this is wrong. She argues that we should acknowledge our history.

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