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Give an encore

Geef een Toegift / Give an Encore: Buy an extra ticket for someone who cannot afford it.

We ask our audience to purchase an extra ticket for someone who does not have the financial means to buy a ticket for a performance. If you make a donation, this audience can also enjoy SPRING. With this, together we commit to inclusiveness and diversity and we underline the unifying power of art and culture in our society.

How does it work

SPRING offers an ‘Encore’ for the discounted rate of €15,-. When ordering tickets for SPRING Performing Arts Festival at this website you will have the opportunity to make a donation during the ordering process. You can choose different amounts there. The donation amount of €15 is for ‘Give an Encore’. The remaining amounts (€3, €5, € 10, €20, €30) are donations intended for SPRING, with which you can make it possible for contemporary, young theater makers and choreographers to present themselves in Utrecht.
You can also buy a separate Encore. You can do that via this link.

For ‘Give an Encore’, SPRING cooperates with the Armoedecoalitie (Poverty Coalition), Voedselbank (Food Bank), Welkom in Utrecht and De Voorkamer. They ensure that the tickets end up with financially disadvantaged people from Utrecht who would like to visit SPRING.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution to ‘Give an encore’!

‘Geef een Toegift’ is a project of De Verenigde Podiumkunstfestivals (The United Performing Arts Festivals), the collaboration of more than 40 Dutch festivals.

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