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    10000 gestures

    Boris Charmatz

    10000 gestures is a hypnotising, meditative and thrilling reinvention of the language of dance.

      After Ghostcatching


      A disembodied dancer is rendered as a moving hand-drawn sketch

        All Around

        Will Guthrie, Mette Ingvartsen

        Using repetitive, minimalist movement material and rhythm and speed, they take their audience on an ecstatic trip.


          Tzeni Argyriou

          When technology defines our lives and our relationships, isn’t it time to start from the beginning?


            Dancenorth, Lucy Guerin Inc, Gideon Obarzanek, Senyawa

            The show is an ode to the power of music and dance. 


              Daniel Kok, Luke George

              ‘Bunny’ is the name used for the person who lets themselves be tied up in bondage.

              • SPRING coproduction
              • SPRING coproduction
              • World premiere

              Ephemeral Data

              Jeroen van Loon

              The future of the internet is ephemeral.

                Eviatar/Said & Rising

                Shira Eviatar

                She creates a personal sketch of Yemenite cultural tradition that is passed on like an inheritance.

                • SPRING coproduction
                • SPRING coproduction
                • World premiere


                Dries Verhoeven

                The performance installation Happiness by Dries Verhoeven has been moved to SPRING in Autumn.

                  One of a kind

                  Vincent Riebeek

                  A wild mix of fake, authentic and original creates a whirlwind of motions and emotions.

                  • SPRING coproduction
                  • SPRING coproduction
                  • World premiere

                  PERMANENT DESTRUCTION: The HM Concert


                  “Good evening Holland!” PERMANENT DESTRUCTION is back.

                  • SPRING coproduction
                  • SPRING coproduction

                  Pleasant Island

                  Silke Huysmans, Hannes Dereere

                  For a long time, the island was a little piece of heaven on earth.


                    Lawrence Malstaf

                    Polygon is a geometric landscape that moves organically and adjusts its shape and balance unpredictably.


                      Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT

                      The familiar yet exclusive logic of dreams merges with everyday reality and in the overlap, a third space emerges – a porous space where anything is possible.

                      • SPRING coproduction
                      • SPRING coproduction
                      • World premiere

                      SOMETHING (out of nothing)


                      Our whole world is marked by the imprint of humans and technology.

                        Theatre of the Awkward

                        Roee Rosen

                        The work of this Israeli artist offers a brilliant take on identities, politics and erotic desire.

                          Through The Looking Glasses

                          Robert Pravda, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT

                          Part of the performance PoroCity is the audio-visual installation Through The Looking Glasses by Andrea Božic, Julia Willms and Robert Pravda &nd...

                            Through the Skin

                            Mitra Ziaee Kia, Hiva Sedaghat

                            The movements and soundscape become larger, just like our growing feelings within a relationship, until they move some thing deep inside us and nestle beneath the skin.


                              Zora Snake

                              What are real, imagined, geographical or mental borders?

                              • SPRING coproduction
                              • SPRING coproduction

                              Uncanny Valley

                              Stefan Kaegi, Rimini Protokoll

                              The robot is the sole performer in Uncanny Valley.

                                Uncanny Valley Girl

                                Angela Goh

                                The history of women is literally interwoven with that of mechanical production


                                  Fang Yun Lo, Polymer DMT

                                  A house, empty, abandoned, but full of traces of former life

                                  Motion on Motion off