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ARK Utrecht

    ARK Newspaper

    Joozy Art

    Pick up a free copy of the ARK Newspaper with stories and portraits of the ambassadors at the square. 

      ARK Petition

      Betina Abi Habib

      No First Class Travel on the Ark

        ARK Radio

        Dorothy Blokland

        A talk show for every neighbourhood: listen live or from the comfort of your home. 

          ARK Wish Bar

          ARK wijkmakers, Resto van Harte

          Visit this mobile bar - organised in cooperation with Resto van Harte - and get a free snack or drink in exchange for your wish!

            ARK, the mobile artwork

            Ruben Arents

            The square features a large ark, a mobile vehicle in the form of a boat

              BANKRA BIKE SOUNDSYSTEM & Social Dance Club

              Bounce to tracks from every corner of the world.

                Between the cracks

                Guiot Duermeijer

                Listen to people's stories about the year of the pandemic.


                  Five young musicians from BUI drew inspiration from their environment


                    Bounce along to this rapper from our very own city.

                      From up close

                      You can meet Elias, Ricardo or Christiaan up close in a large cube of mirrors measuring two by two metres.

                        Future Encounters


                        What are you taking on board for the future?

                          If you can stand on it, it’s a floor

                          De Dansers

                          Utrecht-based dance company De Dansers will be closing ARK Utrecht with an exciting performance about trust.

                            My religion doesn’t define me

                            Afra Ernst

                            Dressed in white, the colour of neutrality, Afra goes on a quest to explore her relationship with religion. 

                              Over coffee

                              Nieuw Utrechts Toneel

                              This intimate performance in a living room near the ark involves an awkward encounter over coffee.

                                Symphony of 21


                                Step into the DOX nightclub and enjoy a hypnotic mix of European and African/Oeghan music

                                  YOU AND 899 OTHER PEOPLE FIT RIGHT IN HERE


                                  There are so many feelings we all share but never talk about.

                                  Motion on Motion off