SPRING in Autumn
27-31 October UTRECHT

SPRING in Autumn

A new collaboration between SPRING and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Since 2013 SPRING has been annually taking ten days in May to present shows that would not otherwise be seen in Utrecht. From the very first year, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht has been proud to be closely involved with the international theatre and dance festival.

SPRING in Autumn is the next step in our collaboration. We both believe there are so many more wonderful shows, performances and installations by contemporary theatre makers and choreographers that simply shouldn’t pass by Utrecht without stopping here. And we are convinced that Utrecht theatre audiences are curious and love to see work that offers a bit of a challenge, that touches them, gets them thinking and perhaps even angers them. And, well, one annual festival in May simply isn’t enough to show them all…

SPRING in Autumn is a three-day version of SPRING, compact but complete, including the typical festival atmosphere and many extra’s around the shows. The third edition of SPRING in Autumn takes place from 31 October - 3 November 2019.

Full program of SPRING in Autumn 2019
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break - Miet Warlop
In this performance, the audience is seated around the three performers. Minimal changes in one overwhelming image take the spectators into a trance until they are almost hypnotized by the energy of the dancers and the stimulating live music
Thur 31 October - 19:00 
Fri 1 November - 19:30

Crash Park - Philippe Quesne
In Crash Park the French director and visual artist stages a desert island with palm trees and rare animal species. The peaceful nature is interrupted by the survivors of a plane crash. Is this the end or a new beginning? 
Thur 31 October - 20:30 

Happiness - Dries Verhoeven
On the street stands a small pharmacy. A humanoid—a human-looking robot—works there as a pharmacy assistant. She tells us about the various products we can use to alter our mental state.
Wed 30 October - Sun 3 November - 14:00 - 22: 00 

#minaret - Omar Rajeh
Choreographer Omar Rajeh from Beiroet builds up in #minaret: a visually and musically overwhelming dance performance, a plea for the destroyed cities, their inhabitants, culture, history, value and their future. Using images from a drone floating above the stage and a live soundtrack inspired by the classic musical heritage from Aleppo #minaret makes a human statement against the cruelty of wars and the ideologies behind it.
Fri 1 November - 21:00

Cuckoo - Jaha Koo
Through bittersweet and humorous dialogues Jaha and his rice cookers tell a moving story that combines personal experience with the political events. They reflect on themes such as happiness, economic crisis and death depicting a country that is caught between working pressure and maniacal shop addiction.
Sat 2 November- 19:30 

Chombotrope - Mouvoir / Stephanie Thiersch & The Jitta Collective
“What is the outfit of the future?” In a playful, subversive way our perspective changes in Chombotrope, that unites voguing, dance, rap, drums and turntables. Tradition and annexed cultural artefacts and symbols are intertwined to create new narratives that lead to a fascinating, inspiring mix of futuristic identities.
Sat 2 November - 21:00