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    (b)reaching stillness

    Lea Moro
    SPRING in Autumn 2017

    In (b)reaching stillness the talented young choreographer Lea Moro is taking painted still lifes from the baroque era as her starting point. But unlike the paintings, her show is bursting with life! The ingredients for this dynamic choreography: a good dose of humour, a strict dramaturgy, Mahlers second symphony and some plastic palm trees. With (b)reaching stillness Moro is creating a unique world of growth and decay, of ruination and getting back on your feet. The still life comes to life in this young choreographer’s parable of life.
    “An evening that will leave you feeling purified.” (Der Tagesspiegel)

    Ticket sales at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

    Date | Saturday 21 October 19.30



    Lea Moro

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