U bevindt zich hier (You are here)

Studio Dries Verhoeven

All around us are people we don’t know, living, walking, moving around us. What happens when you watch and listen to them quietly and carefully? If you show yourself to them? In a large-scale installation, reminiscent of a hotel, each visitor is assigned their own bedroom. Inside, they are alone and anonymous. Until the people on the other side of the wall come into view. After months of self-isolation, the collection of rooms emphasizes our need for contact even more.

U bevindt zich hier (You are here) was a breakthrough performance for theatre maker Dries Verhoeven in 2007. The work straddles the line between the private and the public domains. Thirteen years ago, the work dealt with anonymity in big cities, where people may lead very similar lives alongside each other. The current pandemic transforms the performance in a reflection on our time of self-isolation, a time when proximity to strangers is seen as a threat.

“A moving statement about loneliness and contact” - Het Parool

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Safety measures related to coronavirus
Each performance can be visited by a maximum of 30 visitors. We ask visitors to keep 1.5 meters away from each other at all times. In the performance, each visitor is allocated their own room. Before each performance the rooms will be disinfected and bed sheets will be changed. When performers can’t stay 1.5 meters away from the visitor, appropriate measures are taken.

Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, a runny nose, sneezing, a mild cough, a mild fever or fever. Tickets can only be purchased online, no tickets are sold at the door. If you develop cold-like symptoms after purchasing your ticket, you can unsubscribe up to 4 hours before the start of the performance and get a refund on the ticket. We would prefer if you cancel a day before the start of the performance so we can approach people on the waiting list and make someone else happy with your ticket(s).

The performance is performed within the corona protocol of the trade association NAPK.

Concept Dries Verhoeven
Cast Emma Hanekroot, Meghan Dobbelsteijn, Alidtcha Binazon, Marly Brouwer, Annet de Ruiter, Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Annelotte van Aarst, Myrthe Boersma, Levi Middendorp en Guido Hoek
Head of production Angela van Kalsbeek
Production assistant Nikki Kracht
Technical coördination Roel Evenhuis
Technique Peer Thielen, Niklas van Woerden, Marko Meijer, Barend Blom, Stach Evenhuis, Paul Hoogeboom, Jeroen de Goeij, Eelke Slooten
Thanks to Kas van Huisstede (STS), Maarten Smids (man met de Hamer), Paul Hoogeboom (rigging Amsterdam), Robert van Hoof (rigging Box), Liesbeth Buisman (showtex), Ruud Lucas Luyckx (flashlight), Peter Scheunhage (peak Audio), Pieter Smit, Joeri, Juliëtte & Hanneke
With the support of KF Hein Fonds
Coproduction Theaterfestival Boulevard, SPRING Performing Arts Festival
Photography Anna van Kooij, René den Engelsman



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SPRING 2020 


Duration: 75 minutes

Language: the performance is spoken in Dutch, English-speaking visitors are taken into account

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