Schweigman& en DOX
' An electrifying musical experience that transports you out of the ordinary '

Every human being is a sensual being. No matter our age, gender or size: each of us has a body brimming with energy and sensations. But our view of the body is often tainted by shame and doubt. Am I healthy, do I look good? When there’s so much more to our bodies. The body is incredible! Strong, fascinating, sensational. Let’s embrace it in all its glory.

In a contemporary ritual, six women go in search of the power and pleasure of their sensuality. Eros is kicking out the taboos and cliches: the female energy is given free rein.

It’s precisely this energy that this latest performance by Schweigman& makes palpable. On the wings of the drums and percussion by Frank Rosaly and Katherina Bornefeld (The EX), the six female dancers in Eros pull out all the stops. An experience that transports you out of the ordinary.

"This is a performance about emancipation, freedom and self-awareness. With its ritual-like form, “Eros” becomes a transformative experience not only for the performer taking part in the evening, but also for the audience. This story tells of freedom from cultural oppression, regardless of age or gender." - Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING

Concept: Boukje Schweigman, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
Performers: Lysanne van Berlo, Fiona Dekkers,  Luana van Eekeren, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Rosanna ter Steege, Goda Zukauskaite
Drums and percussion: Frank Rosaly, Katherina Bornefeld
Direction: Boukje Schweigman
Music Composition: Frank Rosaly
Scenography: Theun Mosk
Costume Design: Esmée Thomassen
Casting i.c.w.: Hildegard Draaijer
Direction Assistant: Anemone Oostvriesland, Rachel Schuit
Production Leader: Lise van den Hout, Vera Andeweg
Technic: Bart van den Heuvel, Albert-Jan ten Napel, Jorn Kortooms, Jeroen de Goei
Dramaturgical Advice: Loes van der Pligt
Head Technic: Jurr van Diggele
Head Production: Puck Mathot
Publicity and Marketing: Lonneke Laurant
Education: Anemone Oostvriesland, Kir Robben
Business director: Rachel Feuchtwang
Thanks to: Wennah Wilkers, all the volunteers and the educationteams of Schweigman& and DOX


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€17,- / €14,-*


Loods Locomotiefstraat 8


SPRING 2022 


Duration: 90 minutes

Language no problem


 max. two wheelchair places available, please send an e-mail to if you wish to use these places.

Please note: contains strobe light and loud sound.

*online prices, €2 addition at the Box Office

After the performances on Saturday 14 May, Tuesday 17 May (premiere), Saturday 21 May and Sunday 29 May there will be an afterparty with DJ Ibelisse!


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